How Neurofeedback Can Change Your Life

LENS Neurofeedback optimizes brain function to increase joy, motivation, and mental clarity.

After an average of about 10 neurofeedback sessions, you will enjoy lifelong improvements in:

  1. Mood – Neurofeedback is used to improve mood, treating conditions such as anxiety, depression, and explosive anger. It is also very effective for PTSD and other forms of trauma. People finish sessions feeling increased sensations of joy, happiness, safety, connection, and passion for life. Eventually, this feeling becomes permanent. People finish feeling like they are able to live in the best version of themselves.
  2. Energy – As people go through treatment, they often notice improvements in sleep. The LENS is often used to treat insomnia. Sleep becomes more deep and sustained for longer periods of time. If you don’t typically dream, you may start to. If you’ve had past trauma, your dreams may become more active in an attempt to re-process this trauma. People begin to wake feeling more refreshed. Energy and stamina improve throughout the day, and you will notice reductions in overall fatigue.
  3. Mental clarity – Neurofeedback helps to reorganize the mind in ways that optimize function and clears brain fog. Thoughts become clearer and motivation peeks. It also helps to reduce behavioral issues, procrastination, and social isolation. Neurofeedback has been shown to improve focus and attention, treating people with ADHD and traumatic brain injuries. It does not interfere with pharmacologic intervention so can be used in conjunction. It can also provide a non-pharmacological alternative for all conditions related to the nervous system.
  4. Pain – neurofeedback can reduce pain in as little as one session. Electrodes are placed on the body to help reorganize pain patterning. Often the body will remain in compensatory patterns from old injuries, causing a pain reaction long after the injury has healed. The LENS works to reset the nerves in the body and rebalance them. It is also used to treat fibromyalgia and headaches including migraines. Trauma stored in the body has the opportunity to unwind. As pain reduces, people notice improvements in their energy and exercise capacity.
  5. Resilience – As people proceed through treatment, they notice they are better able to handle stress. While we cannot change the stressors of life, we can improve our reaction to them. People feel more awareness and presence, are able to observe their reactions more easily, then act consciously and appropriately. Although stressful situations often cause emotional reactions, people are able to allow this response (whatever it may be), then regain a sense of calm without the stressor derailing them for a day, a week, or longer. Mindful observation of your patterns and reactions becomes easier. This happens naturally as people go through their personalized program.

Whether you have a specific goal for treatment (anxiety or depression, a brain injury, ADHD, PTSD, pain patterns, insomnia, etc.) – or if you are a CEO trying to optimize your life by enhancing overall function, the Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) can provide a safe, non-chemical, effective solution. To read more about how the LENS works, see services page.