Payment & Fees


As a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, I am insurance eligible for all insurance carriers in the state of Washington as an out-of-network provider. This means that my clients who carry insurance can see me on an out-of-network basis. Otherwise, my clients pay for sessions out of pocket. All neurofeedback sessions are out of pocket services, as they are considered non-covered by the major insurance providers.

If you carry insurance and would like to use your out-of-network benefits, please contact your insurance company prior to our first meeting. Ask what your out-of-network reimbursement would be for a naturopathic office visit. The specific amount of reimbursement depends on your plan and does not apply to Medicaid or Medicare programs. Following your visit, I will provide you with the documentation and codes your insurance requires for reimbursement purposes. You would be responsible for paying all fees at the time of service, then simply submit the provided paperwork to your insurance company for your individual reimbursement.


Free – 15 min – Initial Phone Consultation

$350 – 90 min – Initial Visit

$300 – 45 min – Naturopathic Care – Return Visit

$150 – 30 min – Low Energy Neurofeedback Session

$150 – 30 min – CranioSacral Therapy

$300 – 60 min – Neurofeedback + CranioSacral Therapy

Package Deals

Low Energy Neurofeedback
  • 5 sessions – $675 ($135/visit)
  • 10 sessions – $1275 ($127.50/visit)
  • 15 sessions – $1800 ($120/visit)
CranioSacral Therapy:
  • 5 sessions – $675 ($135/visit)
  • 10 sessions – $1275 ($127.50/visit)
  • 15 sessions – $1800 ($120/visit)

Sliding Scale

Discounted rates available for all patients who can prove low income status.

Forms and documents required to be submitted and approved prior to scheduling a visit. These forms are available upon request.